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Citizens Make a Difference!

Good news! Last week the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution that temporarily prevents the Creekside development and land swap with Phil Bolen Park from moving forward.

In addition, the Board agreed to work with the Leesburg Town Council to review development proposals before moving ahead with the Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CPAMs) process. This great news means that more local stakeholders, including Leesburg residents, will be able to participate in how this developer proposal moves forward. The Leesburg Town Council has previously expressed concern over the development proposals and opposes the Phil Bolen Park land swap.

The board’s actions on this issue are a strong indication that our voices are being heard!

For background information on this issue, click here.

Some Board Members Try to Ignore Petition

Some members of the Board of Supervisors are refusing to hear our message to say NO to doubling the size of Loudoun County. Unfortunately, it would appear that some supervisors are willing to settle lawsuits with developers while discounting a broad citizen statement about growth and its impact on schools, traffic, and taxes. We encourage you to write the Board of Supervisors with your concerns about why you signed the petition.

Petition Update

While collecting petition signatures, many of our volunteers promised to protect your privacy and not publicly release your personal contact information.

We presented the petition to the Board of Supervisors and provided them with your signatures and zip codes. This was done to ensure your privacy, as submitting your full personal contact information to the Board would make it public record and thus available to anyone.

Despite being pressured to hand over all of your private information, we are keeping our promise to you. In the age of "do not call" lists and spam filters, we believe it is inappropriate to make private information, entrusted to us, public information.





What You Can Do

Contact the Board of Supervisors
Contact the Board of Supervisors
and tell them “I signed because…”


In the News:

Clem Slows Leesburg CPAM Review
By Dusty Smith, Leesburg Today, 02/16/2005



Together, We're Fighting to Protect the Quality of Life in Loudoun


Proposals to Change the County's Growth Plan

Our elected officials and their appointees are considering proposals that will nearly DOUBLE the size of Loudoun County.

There are 14 active proposals, shown in red on this map (Acrobat file) that would yield as many as 36,600 houses.

Combined with the over 5,000 new residential units approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2004, we are still looking at over 40,000 new houses. In addition, we also have 39,000 houses in the pipeline that are already approved but not yet built.

With such an explosion of houses and traffic at stake, we hope you will stay tuned and become as involved as you can.

Public input sessions will be scheduled over the next several months starting as early as mid-March. We will let you know about them as we find out.

You can find updates on the status of each of the proposals for increased development at http://www.loudounsfuture.org/issues/cpams/index.html

Andrea McGimsey
Campaign for Loudoun's Future

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