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Round Two: Say NO to 22,000 New Houses on Route 50!

Second public input session to be held Monday on the future of Loudoun and the Transition Area

In this alert:

1 . Loudoun Residents Are NOT Evenly Divided!
2 . Details on Monday's Public Input Session
3 . Background on the Dulles South CPAMs
4 . 22,000 New Houses: Crunching the Numbers
5.  Landowners Stand Up for ALL of Loudoun

1. Loudoun Residents Are NOT Evenly Divided!
The first public input session on growth plans for the Dulles South area was held March 30. The session allowed dozens of Loudoun residents to express concern about proposals to add 22,000 new houses to the area.   

The developers, however, are spreading the idea that Loudoun citizens want 22,000 new houses.  The Leesburg Today wrote:

"Residents who live both near and far away from proposed comprehensive plan amendments in the Dulles South portion of the Transition Policy Area turned out for a public input session Wednesday night with seemingly evenly divided opinions.

Longtime residents and new ones stood on both sides of the argument, but those in support of proposal to permit increased development densities appeared to have a slight edge over opponents."  (Read the full article)

The citizens of Loudoun County know this isn't accurate!  Come to the second public input session this Monday, April 11, at 7:00 PM to tell the Planning Commission what you think!


2. Details: Monday's Public Input Session
Monday, April 11, is the second of two public input sessions scheduled on growth plans for Loudoun's Transition Area.  Loudoun's Transition Area stretches from Leesburg to South Riding, roughly between Route 15 and Belmont Ridge Rd. 

The growth plans include six developer-initiated proposals, collectively called the "Dulles South CPAMs", which would add up to 22,000 new houses in the Transition Area. One of proposals calls for 15,000 new houses alone.

Your attendance at the public input session on April 11 is critical. If you wish to speak (most likely you will be given a 2-minute slot), please come at 6:15 PM or earlier so you can sign up. Sign up begins at 6:30 and here will be a limit on the number of speakers.


3. Background on the Dulles South CPAMs

The Dulles South CPAMs are a group of 6 proposed developments that would bring up to 22,000 new houses to the Route 50 corridor. These new houses would be in addition to the 39,000 houses already approved by the county (but not yet built).

The Dulles South CPAMs include 6 developer-initiated proposals:

Greenvest: Up to 15,000 new houses
Rouse: Up to 1,863 new houses
Shockey: Up to 2,336 new houses
Braddock Village: Up to 146 new houses
Westport: Up to 1,730 new houses
Stone Ridge West: Up to 696 new houses

Citizens are very concerned about the impact of these new houses on their communities. Route 50 is already gridlocked with traffic, schools are too crowded, county services are often inadequate, and taxes are going up. Loudoun needs time to meet its current needs first before further straining precious public resources.

4. 22,000 New Houses: Crunching the Numbers

What exactly is the impact of 22,000 new houses? It means:

200,000 new daily car trips on our roads

About 58,000 new residents

Up to 11,904 new school-age children

Building 5 new elementary schools, 1 new middle school, and 1 new high school

Projected school construction costs of $207.8 million and an annual operating cost/deficit of approx. $97.8 million

373 new teachers must be hired

81 new paid fire & rescue personnel

126 new sheriff’s office personnel

of lost time with our families, countless hours spent in traffic, and lost worker productivity

Can Loudoun Really Afford this Growth?

Make your voice heard on April 11!

For more information, contact Ed Gorski at [email protected]. Sources:

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• Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Round 6.4 Cooperative Intermediate Forecasts
• Loudoun County Department of Economic Development

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Approved Residential Development As of January 1, 2004:
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Loudoun County Non-School Related Budgetary Information:
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5. Landowners Stand Up for ALL of Loudoun

In an effort to protect the interests of all Loudoun residents, 25 citizen landowners from western Loudoun County announced Monday that they have submitted a request to the Virginia courts to intervene in the court case over Loudoun County's rural zoning.

The 25 citizens, representing over 4,000 acres of land, said their action was taken to protect the interests of ALL Loudoun residents, both east and west. 

One landowner said, "As citizens and landowners, we are seeking to intervene in this court case because we are not confident the county is fairly protecting our property rights, business interests, and the financial needs of all Loudoun residents." 

Read the press release
Details on the Virginia Supreme Court ruling


What You Can Do
The Future of the Transition Area is at Stake!

1. Attend Monday's Public Input Session.

Monday, April 11 @ 7:00 PM
County Gov’t Center, Leesburg

2. Email the Board of Supervisors. 
Tell them to listen to all of Loudoun's citizens, not just those who have sold out to Greenvest.

3. Write a Letter to the Editor.
  • At the Washington Post and the
    Post's Loudoun Extra
At the local Loudoun Papers

4. How Fast is Loudoun Really Growing?
Would you believe that Loudoun is being burdened with almost 25% of Virginia’s growth each year?

5.  Ask Questions, Share Your Ideas.
or e-mail Andrea McGimsey at [email protected]

In the News:

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WTOP, 4/4/2005

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Washington Post, 4/5/2005

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Washington Post, 4/3/2005

Session Yields Mixed Opinions on Dulles South CPAMs
Leesburg Today, 3/31/2005

Supervisors To Examine Impact of CDA Bond Plans
Leesburg Today, 3/31/2005



Together, We Are Fighting to Protect the Quality of Life in Loudoun

Andrea McGimsey
Campaign for Loudoun's Future

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