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Will the Board of Supervisors protect existing residents and neighborhoods as it considers new development proposals? Make sure that your concerns are heard!

Community meetings are a great way to focus Supervisors and Planning Commissioners on MEETING the needs of existing communities, INSTEAD OF ADDING TENS OF THOUSANDS OF NEW HOMES THAT WILL BRING MORE TRAFFIC TO OVERWHELM OUR ROADS, COMPETE FOR SERVICES AND BOOST OUR TAXES.

Therefore, we're pleased to inform you:

Meeting Announcement!
Ashburn Community Meetings

Supervisor Lori Waters of the Broad Run District wants Ashburn residents' opinions on the future of their community and its development plans.  See below for details.

What's my supervisor district?

In this alert:

1. Ashburn Community Meetings
2. Ask Your Supervisor to Hold Community Mtgs
3. Loudoun Still #1 in Growth
4. Community Meeting Details
5. Message from Supervisor Waters

1. Ashburn Community Meetings
Supervisor Lori Waters (R-Broad Run) has announced a series of five community meetings for Ashburn residents.   Supervisor Waters wants to hear from residents about the community and proposed developments in Ashburn which would greatly impact citizens' quality of life.

The developer proposal for One Loudoun Center, a new town center in Ashburn on Route 7 at the Loudoun County Parkway, has been rolled into a Board of Supervisors-initiated proposal for a "Broad Run" community plan. The county's comprehensive growth plan calls for community plans to be done for each of the suburban communities.

Supervisor Waters is also surveying citizens' needs and suggestions on schools, road/traffic improvements, and pedestrian safety.  [View the survey]

Supervisor Waters is the only eastern Loudoun supervisor who is moving forward with community input into such a plan. Please participate in the meetings and also thank Supervisor Waters for actively involving citizens in the future of Loudoun.

Read the official meeting announcement

2. Ask Your Supervisor for a Community Meeting!
Supervisor Lori Waters is the only eastern Loudoun supervisor who is actively seeking residents' input into the creation of a community plan.

It would be wonderful if every supervisor would hold similar community meetings!  Contact your supervisor and ask him/her to follow Supervisor Waters' example.

Don't know who your Supervisor is?

3. Loudoun Still #1 in Growth
According to new Census Bureau statistics, Loudoun County is absorbing 1 out of every 4 new people who move to the DC metro region.  This staggering number amounts to 49 new Loudoun residents per day and 3,500 new students added to the school system per year.  Read the Washington Post article on the new statistics.


What You Can Do

1. Attend a Broad Run Community Meeting.

Dates & Locations

2. How is Loudoun's 41% growth rate impacting your life?
How would you like to see your community grow in the coming years?  What does your community need?  Tell us, and please let us know if we can use your stories and ideas on our webpage.  We will post your thoughts on an upcoming community forum on our website.

3.  Write a Letter to the Editor about Loudoun's shocking growth rate.
  • To the Washington Post and the
    Post's Loudoun Extra
To the local Loudoun Papers

3. How Fast is Loudoun Really Growing?
Would you believe that Loudoun is being burdened with almost 25% of Virginia’s growth each year?

4.  Ask Questions, Share Your Ideas.
Visit http://www.loudounsfuture.org/
or e-mail Andrea McGimsey at [email protected]

In the News:

DC Area Continues Strong Growth
Washington Post, 4/15/05
Loudoun County's population jumped 41 percent in four years, the sharpest rate among the nation's counties.

What Now? Realtors Look West
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 4/13/05

Property Owners' Burden Rising
Washington Post, 4/13/05

Firm Might Build Roads in Loudoun
Washington Post, 4/12/05




Over the past 4 years, Loudoun has grown 41%, a sobering change when compared to other counties in the region:



Prince William County


Culpeper County


Fauquier County


Frederick County, MD


Montgomery County, MD


Albemarle County


Prince George's County, MD


Baltimore County, MD


Fairfax County


Arlington County


District of Columbia


There is no doubt that Loudoun’s residents, roads, and budget are being burdened with the DC metro region’s population increases. Is this fair or equitable?  There are many places in the Washington region willing and able to absorb their fair share of the new growth, and locate the growth in more appropriate places and closer to job centers.

How is Loudoun's 41% growth rate impacting you, your spouse and children, and your quality of life?  How would you like to see your community grow in the coming years?  What does your community need?  Tell us, and please let us know if we can use your stories and ideas on our webpage.  We will post your thoughts on an upcoming community forum on our website.

4. Community Meeting Details

Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Belmont Country Club Clubhouse [Directions]

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Ashburn Fire Dept. Social Hall [20688 Ashburn Road in old town Ashburn between Rt. 7 & Waxpool]

Monday, May 9, 2005
Stone Bridge High School Auditorium [Directions]

Saturday, June 4, 2005
Farmwell Station Middle School Auditorium [Directions]

Thursday, June 9, 2005
Belmont Ridge Middle School Auditorium [Directions]

5. Message from Supervisor Lori Waters

Dear Neighbor,

I am pleased to announce that I will be holding five community meetings  throughout the Broad Run District over the next few months. Please see the attached Press Release for information on the topics, dates, and locations. I encourage you to attend one of these meetings and pass along this information to your friends and neighbors. With active participation from the community, we can work together to ensure that Ashburn will continue to be a great place to live, work, and play!

The attached file is in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, please visit http://www.adobe.com to download the free application.

The Broad Run District Newsletter will return soon with updates on the latest news from the Board of Supervisors.

Lori Waters

Lori L. Waters
Loudoun County Board of Supervisors
Broad Run District
(703) 771-5088
[email protected]


Andrea McGimsey
Campaign for Loudoun's Future

mail to [email protected]
Together, We Are Fighting to Protect the Quality of Life in Loudoun

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