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Campaign for Loudoun's Future: Promoting Sensible Limits on Future Growth
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The Ashburn Community

Ashburn, one of Loudoun County's oldest communities, is also one of the county's fastest growing and most desirable communities.  At the beginning of 2006, Ashburn was only about halfway built out with thousands of new houses already zoned and in the pipeline to be built.

Ashburn is the quintessential example of a community where residential growth has far outpaced the county's ability to provide adequate infrastructure and amenities.  With almost 18,000 new houses in the pipeline, it's time for the community and its residents to get what they were promised. 

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Map of Proposed and Approved Developments in Ashburn (PDF file)
What can I do?
One Loudoun development proposal

How much more growth is in the pipeline for Ashburn?
Only about half of the inventory of zoned houses has been built in Ashburn, meaning that thousands of new people will move to Ashburn soon, bringing thousands of more cars to our roads.  The new growth includes over 12,000 houses along Loudoun County Parkway.

How will the new development impact my commute?
Adding 12,000 new houses along Loudoun County Parkway will funnel traffic onto Waxpool and the Greenway.  In addition to those 12,000+ new houses, County Supervisors continue to consider proposals to open up new land west of Belmont Ridge Road for massive new development.  These plans could allow more than 60,000 new houses to the west of Ashburn.  The new commuters will drive east for jobs in Fairfax and Washington, DC -- right through our community. 

There are also new zoning plans for 4,000 more houses at One Loudoun Center and Brambleton.

What is the solution?
We need to fix our roads before approving any more new houses.  Our roads and commuting corridors can't take the current traffic, let alone what's coming.  We need to:

  • Fix the bottleneck at Waxpool and Loudoun County Parkway.
  • Improve the dangerous 4-way stop intersections.
  • Build the missing segments of our east-west roads, including Gloucester Parkway, Riverside Parkway, Ryan Bypass, and Russell Branch Parkway.
  • Create a better jobs-housing balance.
  • Develop an Ashburn Community Plan to plan for schools, roads, fire and rescue, recreation, and other community needs.

What is the county's vision for Ashburn's future?
Loudoun County’s vision for the Ashburn Community is a vibrant mix of houses, jobs, services, recreation, and amenities. Traffic congestion must be reduced, and schools need to be built on time. The same community spirit that brought us our library now needs to go to work on our Community Center with indoor facilities and significant open space and natural areas.

In an effort to help Ashburn get what was promised by developers and county officials, the Campaign for Loudoun's Future is working with residents to develop community action plans to implement the county's vision.

What can I do?
1.  Join your neighbors to improve the Ashburn community
2.  Tell the Board of Supervisors to say NO to development that adds to our problems
3.  Spread the word to your neighbors; contact us for more information