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Phil Bolen Park


Phil Bolen Park is a regional county park, not yet open, located near Leesburg.   Previously a developer, Creekside LLC, wanted permission to build houses on the Phil Bolen Park land, but as of late 2005, the land swap proposal is off the table and the county is moving forward with facilities construction at the park.

Phil Bolen Park, a new 460-acre county park not yet built, is located southeast of Leesburg. Earliest completion date for ball parks is 2007.

If the land swap deal had bee approved
Up to 3,831 new houses would have been built on voter-supported county parkland.

Why it's important
We shouldn't have to accept 4000+ new houses in order to build ballfields the voters already approved funds for. The construction of facilities at Phil Bolen Park was funded by a bond referendum in November 2001. 62% of Loudoun voters approved the referendum.

Leonard "Hobie" Mitchell, the representative for Creekside LLC, said they would build 20 ballfields instead of the 17 ballfields planned at the current location. While he touted an additional 3 fields, the 20 proposed fields aren't enough for Creekside development's own residents.

In combination with the Crosstrail development also under consideration, Loudoun County would need to build a new regional park just for their residents alone.

Who decides
The Board of Supervisors.

Latest action
On July 19, 2005, the Board of Supervisors voted to authorize the bidding process to construct the athletic fields for this critically needed complex for our families. This is good news as it appears the developer scheme to construct residential units on the park as part of an overall 4,000+ unit residential development is not being revisited at this time by the Board of Supervisors.

Next step
The county is moving forward with facilities construction at Phil Bolen Park.

May 2005:
The town of Leesburg held a public hearing on Phil Bolen Park. Many citizens spoke in support of the Park, and the Town Council reiterated their opposition to the swap proposal. The Council also emphasized their desire and willingness to work jointly with Loudoun County officials going forward as this proposal is considered.

February 2005: The Board of Supervisors passed a resolution that temporarily prevents the Creekside development and land swap with Phil Bolen Park, and the Crosstrail development from moving forward.

In an 8-0-1 vote, with Supervisor Snow absent, the Board approved a resolution regarding the Leesburg Joint Land Management Area (JLMA), where the Crosstrails and Creekside developments would be located. They suspended any further action or staff review of the Creekside and Crosstrails CPAMs until a joint planning process is completed with the Town of Leesburg on the Joint Land Management Area (JLMA).

We will continue to watch this proposal as the resolution language leaves the door open for the developer to submit a rezoning application in the future.

This great news means that more local stakeholders, including Leesburg residents, will be able to participate in how this area develops. The Leesburg Town Council has previously expressed concern over the development proposals and opposes the Phil Bolen Park land swap.