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Campaign for Loudoun's Future: Promoting Sensible Limits on Future Growth
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Ridgewater Park Development Proposal

Photos of the proposed area
Why is our drinking water at stake? (Word document)

Clean Water Action's testimony (Word document)

Latest News : The Board of Supervisors held a public hearing on this proposal in February 2007, and in March, voted 5 (York, Burton, Kurtz, Tulloch, and Waters) to 4 (Clem, Delgaudio, Snow, and Staton) to deny the CPAM. The rezoning application is still active with the Planning Commission.

On land currently zoned for 66 houses, the developer, Hobie Mitchell, announced in March that he is now proposing 1,300 new houses.

We have serious concerns about this development proposal. Intense development on this land will threaten the drinking water supply for Ashburn (including Brambleton, Ashburn Village, Ashburn Farm, Broadlands, and Belmont Country Club). The new houses would be on the Goose Creek right near the drinking water intake pipe. 

Our top concerns:

  1. Impacts on the Goose Creek Reservoir -- which supplies Ashburn's drinking water and 2/3 of which goes to eastern Loudoun's drinking water supply. The other 1/3 goes to the City of Fairfax. Details (Word document)
  2. Traffic on Route 7, the Greenway, and local roads in Leesburg and Ashburn.
  3. It would change part of the Transition Area to suburban densities and set a dangerous precedent.
  4. Too close to the Leesburg Airport and Luckstone Quarry.
  5. Loudoun taxpayers will pay over $50 million in capital costs plus operating costs.
  6. A watershed management plan should occur before any changes are made to the existing zoning.