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Campaign for Loudoun's Future: Promoting Sensible Limits on Future Growth
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The Route 50/Arcola CPAM

The CPAM, originally based on recommendations from a developer-led taskforce, proposes significant changes to the growth plan for the Dulles Community/Route 50 corridor.

For more information:
County staff report for the public hearing (PDF file)
County information on the Route 50/Arcola area

On Route 50, east of Route 659/Gum Spring Road to the Fairfax County line. A map is available on page 4 of the county report (PDF file). The Dulles South CPAM addresses the area west of Route 659/Gum Spring Road.

If approved
This CPAM would allow 4,859 new houses in the subject area of the Dulles Community. This is 1,436 more homes than currently allowed. The area is only about 46% built out. More than 10,000 new houses are approved in the entire Dulles Community but remain unbuilt.

The CPAM would also add office and more retail space while reducing the amount of industrial allowed. A recent study by the county showed that the Dulles Community already has enough retail and office space to meet projected demands through 2025 -- including space yet to be built in South Riding, Stone Ridge, and Brambleton. Adding even more commercial space could limit industrial and airport-related businesses and cost taxpayers for the necessary infrastructure.

Why it's important
Adding 4,859 new houses to this part of Route 50 would:

  • Increase the number of new houses allowed here by over 40%^,
  • Come with a price tag of an anticipated $26,150,486 in capital costs^,
  • Further increase Route 50 traffic congestion -- need we say more?

What will happen to our commutes? How high will our taxes go? How many more times will our kids change schools?

The proposed changes to the growth plan would also:

  • Add 30% more retail development than is currently planned for.  A study commissioned by the county shows that currently zoned retail space will more than meet the needs of the area through 2030.  Of the retail development currently planned for, only 26% has been built.*

  • Improve the look of the "Route 50 Gateway to Loudoun."  However, these aesthetic and landscape improvements can be made without adding new houses and retail development.

^County Staff Report for CPAM 2005-0007, Arcola Area/Route 50 CPAM
*Loudoun County 2004 Growth Summary.  The retail development analysis was prepared for the county by Basile, Baumann, Prost, and Associates, Inc.

Finally, if passed, the Route 50/Arcola CPAM would implement a fragmented planning process that unfairly impacts county residents. By looking at only a part of the Route 50 corridor in isolation, impacts of the proposed changes on surrounding communities are not considered (for example, the number of new residents that would drive through Ashburn to commute to work).

Who decides
The Board of Supervisors.

Latest action
On July 18, 2006, the Board of Supervisors voted to delay action on the CPAM until September. They returned it to the Planning Commission for another public hearing after the August break.

Next step
Another public hearing by the Planning Commission in September, followed shortly by a public hearing with the Board of Supervisors. The dates have not yet been announced.