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Campaign for Loudoun's Future: Promoting Sensible Limits on Future Growth
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Passing out flyers to your neighbors


Your neighbors may not know about the push for massive new development in Loudoun County. A short conversation with you (or a flyer with a note on their doorstep) could be just the thing to catch their attention. Take some flyers with you when you walk the dog or go for some exercise around the neighborhood.  You'll be surprised how many of your neighbors share your sentiments!


  • Print out copies of a flyer of your choice (perhaps the most relevant to your neighborhood or town).  Be sure to print off copies of the related map.
  • Write a short note or a simple "Hi! Thought this might interest you" on the flyer.  Be sure to include your name, and if the person doesn't know you, perhaps a phone number, address, or email address.
  • Take the flyers with you on your walk.  It's always best to have a quick conversation with your neighbors, but leaving flyers in doors can work too.
  • Encourage your neighbors to sign up on our email list: Sign up on our website, or by sending an email to [email protected]
  • Important!  It's illegal to put anything IN or ON mailboxes. Depending on the mailbox, you can wedge the flyer prominently between the post and the mailbox, or you can roll it up and place it at the doorway between the doorknob and the door frame.
    Be creative but make sure it won't blow away or not be seen.

Thank you for spreading the word!