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Recent Letters to the Editor

Taxpayers Left Holding the Bill
Letter to the Editor by Betsy Mayr
Loudoun Times Mirror, 04/08/08

Ridgewater Park is Back
Letter to the Editor by Gigi Robinson
Leesburg Today, 12/10/07
Ridgewater Park is baaack! On Dec. 11 at 4 p.m. Ridgewater II will be presented for its first public hearing. There is only one question to be answered at this hearing. Does this Board want to alter the Transition Area Policy to accommodate 996 dwelling units?

Waxpool Fixes: Politics Rather Than Solutions
Letter to the Editor by Karen Ficker
Washington Post, 09/23/07
Waxpool Road in Ashburn is undoubtedly one of the worst bottlenecks in Loudoun County. It's also a daily necessity for residents who commute to jobs in Fairfax County and beyond, and the lifeline upon which Loudoun's high-tech triangle lies.

Pro-Growth Intimidation
Letter to the Editor by B.K. Gogia
Washington Post, 02/25/07
It seems our representatives are out of touch with their constituents. They should be trying to find common ground in order to bring our community together instead of sowing seeds of discord. Developers, too, should welcome citizen input instead of pushing their agenda in such an underhanded manner.

Kudos to Supervisors for Dulles South Vote
Letter to the Editor by Alyson Linville
Washington Post, 11/12/06
I can't tell you how proud I am to be a Loudouner today. It was wonderful to feel like a citizen whose representatives truly listen to you.

Dulles Decision Shouldn't Put Campus in Jeopardy
Letter to the Editor by Steve Hines
Washington Post, 10/29/06

Loudoun residents should not worry about implied threats that the promised land from Greenvest will be withdrawn if the Dulles South CPAM is denied.

Abandoning Virginians to Gridlock
Letter to the Editor by Charles Chappell
Washington Post, 10/29/06

Let's call this anti-tax demagoguery what it is for Northern Virginia: pro-gridlock, anti-family and anti-growth.

Insulting Cartoon About PEC
Letter to the Editor by Lisa Hamm
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 10/24/06

So perhaps the Loudoun linkage that is otherwise missing from your story is the staffing of the PR organization's presence at county public hearings by students from Patrick Henry College. It's interesting how often those students get their political education by lobbying for developers' interests against those of the citizens of Loudoun County, and the hearings on the transition area CPAMs are no exception.

Vote No
Letter to the Editor by S.L. Jansen
Loudoun Connection, 10/18/06

As a resident of Loudoun County, a taxpayer, a voter and a commuter whose daily route includes this area, I remain strongly opposed to increasing the number of housing units permitted in the Dulles South area by this magnitude. The facts simply do not support doing so.

Stick with Plan
Letter to the Editor by Ann L. Jones
Loudoun Connection, 10/18/06

Thirty-three thousand, 27,000 or what ever the latest number is would be a disaster to the county. A sensible plan responsive to the needs and requests of the people, and not developers, developers tools, etc., is what is needed.

Against the CPAM
Letter to the Editor by Kristin Flora
Loudoun Connnection, 10/18/06
I am a resident of South Riding, but unable to attend the hearings this week. I hope you take my comments and opinion into consideration during your vote:
1. I am appalled that South Riding BOD has taken it upon themselves to speak for all the residents of our community without asking our opinion. My opinion is vote no to [the] CPAM.

Our Costly Commutes
Letter to the Editor by Richard Reis
Washington Post, 10/19/06
The Oct. 12 front-page article "Around D.C., a Cheaper House May Cost You" mentioned only one cost of living far from work: the nearly $8,000 in gas and other vehicle expenses associated with driving an extra 15,000 miles a year.

Lion's Share of Growth (scroll down for letter)
Letter to the Editor by Martin Bromser-Kloeden
Washington Post, 10/19/06
Having seen all its advertisements, I began to wonder what exactly this so-called Right Growth Policy Institute really is.

The Cat is Out of the Bag
Letter to the Editor by Jeremy C. Rosenberg
Leesburg Today, 10/12/06
It appears that the cat is out of the bag. The much touted $750M developer transportation proffer to secure approval for higher density in the Dulles South area is at best misleading; at worst a down right devious effect to cloud the truth with a bunch of half truths and propaganda.

Stand Up for Democracy
Letter to the Editor, Washington Post, 10/12/06
By Stewart Schwartz, Executive Director, Coalition for Smarter Growth

Behind the Road Proffers
Letter to the Editor by Cheryl Hutchison
Washington Post, 9/14/06

Supervisor Stephen J. Snow (R-Dulles) and the Dulles South Transportation Alliance (DSTA) have often stated that developers have $750 million in road improvements lined up for Dulles South. After many requests to Snow, I finally received a preliminary breakdown of the $750 million. I think it is easy to see that Snow is misleading citizens with that figure and that his plan may already be falling apart.

Support Clem-Burton
Letter to the Editor by Daniel E. Shaughnessy
Leesburg Today, 10/10/06

The board's departure from the Clem- Burton Plan was disgraceful and a clear betrayal of those overwhelming citizen views that supported that approach. Supervisors must rescind that action and vote to adopt the Clem-Burton Plan.

I Love Loudoun
Letter to the Editor by Serena Henderson
Washington Post, 9/10/06
Our Board of Supervisors should explain to residents why we have so many problems budgeting for new schools and roads when we are the richest county in the country.

Traffic and Financial Headache
Letter to the Editor by Stewart Schwartz, Executive Director of the Coalition for Smarter Growth
Loudoun Connection, 9/6/06

There is little doubt that, by adding more new development than Loudoun can manage, Greenvest will be passing on a massive traffic and financial headache to Loudoun residents.

New Information
Open letter to Sec. of Transportation Pierce Homer, Loudoun Connection, 8/25/06
Written by Del. Bob Marshall

I would like to request that VDOT update its traffic analysis of the Greenvest mega project in Loudoun County in light of two new factors, which came to my attention today.

Density Warning
Letter to the Editor by Kristin Rosmorduc
Loudoun Independent, 8/30/06

I can assure you that I am not the only South Riding resident concerned about increasing housing density. Everyone I talk to in my neighborhood is concerned about this and is angry that this has continued.

Supporters With Interests
Letter to the Editor by Valerie Kelly
Washington Post, 9/3/06

Comments from development industry insiders at public hearings should not be allowed to outweigh the comments from taxpayers who appear and speak because they will be asked to pay the bill for the hundreds of millions of dollars of capital and operating costs not covered by developer contributions!

The Cost of Dulles South
Letter to the Editor by Supervisor Sally Kurtz
Washington Post, 9/3/06

The facts speak for themselves. For this small application alone, taxpayers will be footing $12.4 million more in subsidies during the first decade and coping with 20,000 more car trips on the road. How sweet it is to those of us who advocate "managed growth" when the applicant's own reports make a clear case for denying the project.

All Property Rights Should be Recognized
Letter to the Editor by Mitch Diamond
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 07/18/06

I wonder when it came to be that "property rights" would only apply to those who want to develop their property or damage their landscape against the wishes of their neighbors and the community.

PEC's Open Agenda
Letter to the Editor by Robert Lazaro
Washington Post, 06/01/06

The Piedmont Environment Council was recently lampooned in an ad in the Loudoun Extra. PEC, founded in 1972, has no intention of engaging in a costly ad war with a mysterious organization whose Web site was created the day before its ad ran.

What's the Rush?
Letter to the Editor by Pamela Stokes Donehower
Washington Post, 06/01/06

I must challenge the back-page advertisement in the May 25 Loudoun Extra, placed by the Right Growth Policy Institute, which claims to support "Smarter Solutions for Balanced Communities."

Clem-Burton Plan Right Step
Letter to the Editor by Ed Petty
Loudoun Times Mirror, 04/26/06

The Board of Supervisors is responsible for balancing the competing property rights. The Clem-Burton plan is a step in the right direction. If they stall much longer, A-3 by-right zoning will settle the question once and for all. We'll just end up by being Fairfax County West.

Subsidizing a Developer
Letter to the Editor from Cheryl Hutchison
Loudoun Times Mirror, 03/14/06

Like most Loudoun County residents, I was shocked at my 2006 real estate assessment. The fair market value of our home increased over 30 percent from last year and it is now assessed at $140,000 more than we paid for it in 2003.

Our Heritage Slips Away
Letter to the Editor from Missy Janes
Washington Post, 03/02/06

Blink, and you may not recognize the familiar green, rolling Loudoun County surroundings of last year, or last week for that matter.

Right Thinking on Conservation and Land Use
Letter to the Editor from Jeffrey Wolinski
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 02/21/06

The Loudoun land wars continue at an ever-increasing level of rhetorical bombast. The most perplexing positions continue to be espoused by the “conservatives” on the “right” of the issue.

Faulty 'Solution'
Letter to the Editor from Stevens Miller
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 02/07/06

Dulles District Supervisor Stephen Snow asks us to believe he has the solution to the Loudoun traffic problems he has caused by allowing developers to build too many houses: His solution is that we should build more houses.

Stop Development Now
Letter to the Editor from Steven Chase
Washington Post, 01/29/06

These are dark times for residents of Loudoun County who believe that development should be carefully planned and never rushed.

We Need Impact Fees
Letter to the Editor from Christopher Hatch
President, Loudoun County Farm Bureau
Loudoun Times Mirror, 01/24/06

Much to our dismay, not only for the farming community but also for all the other longtime residents of Loudoun County, our Board of Supervisors have not asked the General Assembly for any help to enable legislation for impact fees and/or adequate public facilities to help manage growth.

Set the CPAM Record Straight
Letter to the Editor from Laura TeKrony
Washington Post, 01/08/06

I am disappointed that Supervisor Stephen J. Snow was quoted in this paper ["Loudoun Wonders at Kaine's Victory," Loudoun Extra, Nov. 13] as saying that he did not hear voters talking about the growth issue on Election Day. I had an extensive conversation with him about the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM) for Dulles South and would therefore ask that he correct his misstatement.

Local Leaders Should Manage Growth
Letter to the Editor from Robert Lazaro, Jr.
Washington Post, 12/28/05
Three cheers for Virginia Gov.-elect Timothy M. Kaine for his proposal to give localities additional tools for managing growth.

Circling the Issue
Letter to the Editor from Martha Polkey
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 12/06/05
In your article about the much-needed improvements on Route 50, you quote several not-too-well informed critics of this project complaining about roundabouts (planned at the intersection with Route 15 at Gilberts Corner).

Save Unison
Letter to the Editor from Jack & Caroline Helmly
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 12/06/05
The little village of Unison is under attack from developers wishing to take advantage of the current A-3 zoning and put subdivisions in the middle of our little community.

Helping Snow
Letter to the Editor from Valerie Kelly
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 12/06/05
A Washington newspaper printed a story about the November election. The story included a paraphrased quote from Loudoun Supervisor Steve Snow in which he stated that no voters talked to him about growth issues at the polls on Election Day. I wrote to that paper to correct the report, because I was a witness to several voters speaking directly to Mr. Snow at the polls about growth issues on election day.

Munsey Doesn't Speak for Everyone in Loudoun
**Scroll halfway down the page to view letter
Letter to the Editor from Chris Romano
Washington Post, 10/13/2005
Despite the tone of Barbara Munsey's letter ["Listen to the Real Residents," Loudoun Extra, Oct. 9], Munsey does not speak for the residents of South Riding. In fact, almost all of the residents I come into contact with in South Riding, where I live as well, agree that the pace of growth in Loudoun County has to slow.

Ordinary Ctiziens Should Have Their Opinions Heard
**Scroll to the end of the page to view letter
Letter to the Editor from Mary and Neil O'Connor
Washington Post, 10/13/2005
As new owners of a 10-acre horse farm in Loudoun, it is disheartening to see the same tactics used by developers and special interests in this region as the region we are leaving: the east end of Long Island, where preserved agricultural land has been priced out of our reach.

Pedestrians Don't Count
Letter to the Editor from Valerie and Bob Kelly
Loudoun Times Mirror, 10/11/2005
I asked Loudoun County traffic engineer Art Smith after a Planning Commission work session, "How do traffic studies address pedestrian safety issues." His response: They don't. In any way shape or form.

Go Slow on Big Changes
Letter to the Editor from Gerald Brunkhart
Loudoun Times Mirror, 10/11/2005
My wife and I have lived in the Dulles South area for nearly 40 years. We request you carefully consider the ramifications of an ill-advised rush to approve a comprehensive plan amendment for Dulles South which could add a reported 300,000 daily car trips to our roads already nearing gridlock as well as raise taxes for already overburdened taxpayers.

CPAM is Foolhardy
Letter to the Editor from A. "Jey" Jeyanathan
Washington Post, 10/9/2005
As a concerned citizen affected by the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Dulles South, I was disappointed by Monday's Planning Commission public hearing.

Residents Deserve Facts
Letter to the Editor from Laura TeKrony
Washington Post, 9/25/2005
Two experiences have occurred that might cause residents along Route 50 to question whether someone is deliberately trying to suppress information about the proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment that is estimated to add 27,977 homes to the area.

Historic Village at Stake
Letter to the Editor from Steven Chase
Washington Post, 9/25/2005
Recently, more than 150 people got together in Unison to talk about a threat to our community. The issue at hand was the Bloomfield Heights development planned for a 90-acre tract just up the street from the Unison Village Historic District, a Virginia historic landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Mother Nature's Lessons
Letter to the Editor from Valerie Kelly
Washington Post, 9/21/2005
The past weeks have been a wake-up call for all of us. The natural world has rudely reminded us that we are fragile creatures who depend on it for life and sustenance.

Staton Ignores Majority
Letter to the Editor from Jeremy Rosenberg
Loudoun Times Mirror, 8/9/2005
I was gratified to see Supervisor Mick Staton’s letter (July 27). He’s finally shown his true colors. 
He talks about people taking away other people's rights. I guess he assumes that his developer supporter buddies have a “right” to make money off of their real estate speculations in Loudoun County.

'Smoke and Mirrors' On Affordable Housing
Letter to the Editor from Martin Bromser-Kloeden
Washington Post, 8/7/2005
A letter by Christine Corrado Windle ["Affordable Housing a Must," Loudoun Extra, July 31] focused on the growing lack of affordable housing in Loudoun. Rather than examining the real forces driving this sad state of affairs, the same banal argument used by the puppets of the big builders was forwarded.

Staton Misses The Point
Letter to the Editor from Dean Settle
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 8/02/2005
Supervisor Mick Staton (R-Sugarland) was the most vocal member of the majority in an opinion piece here last week. I'd like him to address exactly who has lost any property rights. Anyone who wants to sell their land can still do so under the Clem-Burton proposal. No ban on real estate sales has gone into effect here. Anyone can sell anytime.

Snow Costs Taxpayers
Letter to the Editor from Dan Fisher
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 8/02/2005
When you took issue with Supervisor Steve Snow’s position that he would come to the aid of anybody willing to challenge the plan to save open space, you didn’t show how costly his position would be to Loudoun residents.

No Thanks
Letter to the Editor from Scott Billigmeier
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 8/02/2005
Supervisor Mick Stanton's letter last week was a fine example of oratorical circumlocution (aka balderdash). If this is his idea of helping the taxpayer, then no thanks! He can drink his own Kool-Aid.

Republican Rift
Letter to the Editor from Russel Beal
Loudoun Times-Mirror, 8/02/2005
Supervisors Jim Clem (R-Leesburg) and Lori Waters (R-Broad Run) had better keep their backs to the wall, because the daggers of Loudoun's Rabid Republican Right – RRR – are unsheathed and they're looking for their pound of flesh.

The Board's Real Heroes
Letter to the Editor from Martin Bromser-Kloeden
Washington Post, 7/28/2005
Following overwhelming public support in favor of sensible zoning, five members of the Board of Supervisors acted to return a measure of fiscal sanity to the issue of growth in western Loudoun. I am sure that the forces of greed are lining up to impugn the characters of the traitorous turncoat Republican supervisors who, heaven forbid, actually voted on behalf of the people and not corporate interests or big-time landowners.

Republican Values In Loudoun
Letter to the Editor from David Jenkins
Washington Post, 8/2/2005
It was refreshing to see two Republican Loudoun County supervisors, Lori Waters (Broad Run) and Jim Clem (Leesburg), vote to curb the out-of-control growth in the county [front page, July 21]. As a lifelong, conservative Republican who values rural America, I take offense at this notion that it is somehow not Republican to favor smart growth.

Zoning For All, Not A Few
Letter to the Editor from Kevin L. Passarello
Washington Post, 7/24/2005
In the battle over western Loudoun zoning, growth advocates such as Jack Shockey [president of Citizens for Property Rights] and cronies such as Supervisor Stephen J. Snow (R-Dulles) waive the banner of constitutional rights to support their position. The U.S. Supreme Court -- the final arbiter of the Constitution -- would not agree.

Clem-Burton On The Mark
Letter to the Editor from Francis Q. O'Neill
Loudoun-Times Mirror, 7/19/2005
Failing that, the Clem-Burton plan is without any question whatsoever the plan to be adopted. Supervisors Jim Clem and Jim Burton deserve thanks and gratitude for their hard work, as do Chairman Scott York and Supervisors Lori Waters, and Sally Kurtz for backing it.
Anyone who tells you that suburbanizing development is "inevitable" is insulting you personally. We are not nomads waiting on the plains for something to be done to us.

Where's The Coverage
Letter to the Editor from Valerie Kelly
Washington Post, 7/14/2005
I've been waiting in vain for news coverage of the full-house public input session on rural zoning held by the Board of Supervisors at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville last week. However, I guess I'll keep on waiting for any truthful or complete coverage of this important issue in our local press, since there's been none so far.

How Much Is Enough?
Letter to the Editor from George Hidy
Washington Post,
A few members of the Board of Supervisors (aka The Builder Board) have some very serious thinking to do as they decide the fate of the Loudoun County taxpayer. With some of the current plans on the table, every 20,000 homes to be added to the Comprehensive Plan would cost taxpayers at least $280 million in schools alone!

Petition on Target
Letter to the Editor from John Kimball & Henry Twentier
Loudoun Times Mirror 1/19/2005
As two Republicans who not only signed the Election Day petition but also helped to gather signatures at Harper Park in Leesburg, we are writing to correct some misinformation in Priscilla Johnston's letter (Jan. 12).

A Bad Deal for Loudoun & Listen to the Citizens
Letters from Nick Antonucci & Susan Klimek Buckley
Washignton Post 1/27/2005
Everyone who has lived in Loudoun County for more than six months can agree with Laurie A. Shultz ["Creekside's Generous Plan," Letters, Jan. 20] that we are desperately trying to keep pace with schools, roads and parks. As a homeowner, I would add that keeping pace with rapidly escalating real estate assessments is also a challenge.




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