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 Don't Supersize Loudoun!
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Keep the Momentum
Saturday, 9 AM: Speak out against 26,000-33,000 new houses
Monday, 6 PM: Hearing on 2,000 new houses in Leesburg

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Thank you to all who spoke out for the future of our community Tuesday night, and to the many others who have emailed the Board of Supervisors. Hundreds of you turned out -- and Sen. Mark Herring, Del. Chuck Caputo, and Del. Bob Marshall spoke in strong opposition to the proposal for tens of thousands of new houses and apartments.

Keep the momentum going on Saturday!

Coverage of Tuesday's hearing by Fox Five (watch online!)
Our press release about Tuesday night
Del. Marshall's testimony

Stand Up for Democracy, by Stewart Schwartz

Tell our County Supervisors:

  • Stick to the existing growth plan
  • Say YES to protecting Loudoun County from massive developer proposals
  • Say NO to tens of thousands of new houses in eastern Loudoun
  • Say NO to more gridlock and higher taxes

The new buildout number, released at Tuesday's hearing, is 26,698 new houses, due to a last minute amendment last week made by Supervisor Bruce Tulloch. Yet the public notice on the hearing said 33,821 new houses.

Confused about the constantly changing numbers? So are we!

It's unfair for the county to keep changing the proposal on us at the last minute. Please consider also saying something along the following lines:

New county figures were released at the hearing on Tuesday. There has been no transportation analysis and only a rudimentary fiscal analysis. It's ridiculous to expect citizens to give meaningful input on something that is literally released at the hearing, with very little analysis on the fiscal impact and none on the traffic impact.  
Your Last Chance to be Heard

Transition Area CPAM
Public Hearing with the Board of Supervisors

Saturday, October 14
Starts at 9:00 AM
County Government Center

If you signed up to speak on Wednesday but left early, you will be able to speak first on Saturday.

Email the Board of Supervisors

Showing up to speak at the hearing is critical, but sending an email to the Board of Supervisors is also important.

***Your comments will not be added to the public record unless you include your name and address.

Monday: Public Hearing on 2,000 New Houses in Leesburg

Planning Commission Public Hearing on Ridgewater Park
Monday, October 16, 6:00 PM
County Government Center

Can't attend? Send an email to the Planning Commission, and be sure to include your name and address.

We ask for this analysis to be done and for a new public input session, where the county informs the public about what is actually being proposed. The Board of Supervisors should then hold another set of public hearings.

This massive growth proposal will have a serious impact on me, my family, and my property. These constant changes have left me confused and lacking critical inforamtion. We deserve more, clear, and thorough information, time to read and understand it, and a chance to give you meaningful input.

Update on 2,000 New Houses in Leesburg

Ridgewater Park, previously called Creekside, is a developer proposal for 1,998 new houses and apartments on 600 acres in Leesburg. This area is currently planned for 1 house per 10 acres, because any development will directly impact the community's drinking water supply drawn from Goose Creek.

Planning Commission Public Hearing
Monday, October 16, 6:00 PM
County Government Center

Tell the Planning Commission to vote no on the Ridgewater Park rezoning.

County staff recommends denial of this application. It does not match the county's Comprehensive Plan at all -- a clear signal for denial. This developer proposal will negatively impact the drinking water supply, the Greenway, local roads, and Leesburg airport.

The County and Town of Leesburg recently agreed to jointly plan this area. No rezoning should occur until that process is complete.

Thank you for your support,
Andrea McGimsey
Campaign for Loudoun's Future
[email protected]

Together, We're Fighting to Protect the Quality of Life in Loudoun

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