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Media Coverage of the 2007
Board of Supervisors' Races

No Pendulum Here
Letter to the Editor by Ed Jahn, 11/15/07
The swings in board policy were not due to swings in voter sentiment. In 2003, as in 1999 and 2007, the great majority voted for slower growth. The real story of this election is that the voters did not get fooled again.

Slow-Growth Board Candidates Win
By Sandhya Somashekhar, Washington Post, 11/07/07
Eight candidates sharply critical of Loudoun County's record-setting growth won seats yesterday on the nine-member Board of Supervisors, in the first election since Loudoun became the nation's fastest-growing county.

Slow-Growth Candidates Gain Seats on Board
By Sandhya Somashekhar, Washington Post, 11/06/07
“If the results are what they’re turning out to be, it will be a resounding victory for smart growth in Loudoun County and a reflection of citizen anger over the way growth has been handled in the county,” said Stewart Schwartz, executive director of the anti-sprawl Coalition for Smarter Growth.

Once-Kindred Counties Go Separate Ways in Board Races
By Sandhya Somashekhar and Kristen Mack, Washington Post, 11/08/07
Loudoun voters ousted the Republican majority on the Board of Supervisors, selecting five Democrats who refused money from developers and promised to ease traffic congestion, high taxes and other effects of rapid growth.

Issues Dominate Elections in Prince William, Loudoun
By Dan Genz, The Examiner, 11/08/07
Elections based on candidates’ positions on major issues ensure immigration in Prince William County and slow-growth concerns in Loudoun County will be dominant concerns in the months ahead.

Four Incumbents Fall, but York Retains Chairmanship
By Jason Jacks, Loudoun Times-Mirror, 11/07/07
"Tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we go to work," Board Chairman Scott York (I) said during a victory speech at Tuscarora Mill restaurant in Leesburg late Nov. 6. He announced his win over Republican Michael Firetti at about 10:15 p.m.

Desire to Stem Development Defines Loudoun Supervisors' Race
By the AP, posted on the Daily Press, 11/07/07
One of the nation's fastest-growing counties reversed course, ousting a board perceived as too cozy to developers.

A Breather in Loudoun
Editorial by the Washington Post, 11/12/07
Still, the rascals are not quite done; the outgoing board remains in office through the end of the year. And, starting this week, developers, having waited out election season on the sidelines, will be presenting the incumbents with applications to build at least 4,000 new homes. In deference to voters who have spoken clearly in electing new supervisors of a different cast, the outgoing board should defer a final decision on those applications to its successors.

So Long, and Let Us Say Farewell
Opinion by staff of the Loudoun Times-Mirror, 11/12/07
Are we safe from these lame-duck supervisors? Will they succumb graciously? Or will they transform their dissatisfaction of losing on Election Day into a spiteful act of bureaucratic vengeance on the county they served? Let us hope for the former.

6 Lessons from the 2007 Ballot
Opinion by Margaret Edds, The Virginian-Pilot, 11/11/07
Local races in two once-predictably conservative bastions - Chesterfield County outside Richmond and Loudoun County outside Washington - expose an undercurrent of angst over suburban sprawl that could form a political gold mine. The candidate or party that fashions a solution stands to reap huge political reward.

Sprawl and Crawl in Loudoun Ousted 4 Board Republicans
By David S. Lipscomb, The Washington Times, 11/08/07
Democrats who unseated four Republicans on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors said yesterday they were elected because residents want an end to overdevelopment and related problems such as sprawl and traffic gridlock.

Election Update: Burton Eyes Return to Civility
By the Leesburg Today, 11/07/07
Four county supervisors will not be returning to their seats in January. County Chairman Scott York (I) told supporters gathered at a Leesburg restaurant tonight that he was confident of victory in Tuesday's tightly contested race with Republican Mike Firetti.

Lame-Duck Board Plans Vital Policy Meetings
By Dan Genz, The Examiner, 11/10/07
The sweeping turnover in the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has the potential to limit the scope of several important meetings on immigration and development policies later this year.

Desire to Stem Development Deines Loudoun Supervisors' Races
By AP posted on WDBJ 7, 11/07/07
Loudoun County's newly elected board now consists of 8 out of 9 members who promised to slow the county's breakneck growth.

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