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 Don't Supersize Loudoun!
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Victory for the People
A New Day in Loudoun

Our voices have been heard!
This election was a resounding referendum on growth. Your thousands of emails, petition signatures, and constant involvement over the past four years made this possible.

Our message was clear: Stop the developer-driven agenda. Stop the proposals for thousands of new houses beyond what our roads, schools and county services can handle. It's time to meet the needs of our exisiting communities.

Let's get back to business.
Loudoun still faces many challenges in the coming years, including the 30,000 new houses already in the pipeline. Your continued involvement will make a difference for Loudoun's future.

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This victory is yours! Since 2004, thousands of you have been demanding an end to the developer agenda. Congratulations!

What's next?
The incoming Board of Supervisors will need our continued participation to tackle the challenges left unmet during the past four years.

They've already been listening to us: during their campaigns, they pledged to restore the public's place in planning for our communities. They also promised to return integrity and public trust to the office of the Board of Supervisors.

We look forward to working with our new leaders for a brighter tomorrow in Loudoun County.



Rebecca Perring, Coalition for Smarter Growth
On behalf of the Campaign for Loudoun's Future

Stop the Developer Rush

Don't allow developers to rush their projects through at the last minute!

The current Board of Supervisors' term doesn't end until December 31. Before then they will consider proposals for almost 3,500 new houses.

Email the Board of Supervisors.*
Ask them to say NO to Kincora, Braddock Village, Arcola Center, and Ridgewater Park.

*Please be sure to include your name and address so your comments can be counted.

Help Us Continue the Campaign

Our voices have been heard, but we still have important work to do -- especially in the next two months.

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Together, We're Fighting to Protect the Quality of Life in Loudoun

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