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Public Hearing Tonight: 499 New Houses

Ask the Board of Supervisors to say no to Braddock Village and protect our tax bills. They will consider this proposal at a public hearing tonight. The proposal is for 499 new houses near Stone Ridge, on land currently zoned for only 66 houses.

Read about the concerns one Loudoun community has about the Braddock Village proposal.

As Loudoun taxpayers, we all pay for new houses no matter where in the county they are built.*

We're facing a $250 million budget shortfall this year, due in part to the fast pace of residential growth in the past decade. Our tax bills are already likely to increase due to the 37,000+ new houses still in the pipeline and unmet service demands.

Say No to Braddock Village
Our concerns include:

  • The proposal does not match the vision for this area set forth by our Comprehensive Plan.
  • The previous Board of Supervisors said no to the Dulles South/Transition Area CPAM, and the surburban style of development it proposed. It would have allowed up to 33,800 new houses in an area with no jobs and little infrastructure. Now the current Board of Supervisors should say no to this rezoning application, which is in the same area of the CPAM.
  • Approval of this proposal would set a dangerous precedent for the Transition Area. It could open the whole Transition Area to suburban development.
  • We shouldn't have to accept new houses in order to get school sites, parks, and ballfields.
  • It would add 499 new houses where only 66 houses are currently allowed, on land behind the airport. Can Route 50 handle even more traffic?
  • The Planning Commission recommended denial of Braddock Village in March 2007.
  • There are already 37,000+ houses in the pipeline. Does it make sense to continue approving new houses?

The land is in the Transition Area near Stone Ridge, south of Braddock Road, west of Route 659 relocated, and east of Lightridge Road.

*Residential growth doesn't pay for itself at the current tax rate, unless a house is assessed at more than $1 million.^ Approving this proposal would affect the tax bills of all county taxpayers. Schools, teachers, fire & rescue, etc., are needed to serve these new houses.
2006 Fiscal Impact Committee report to the Loudoun Board of Supervisors  

Send an Email

Email the Board of Supervisors. Ask them to say NO to Braddock Village. The proposal for 499 new houses doesn't match our county's growth plan.

Please be sure to include your name and address so your comments can be counted.

Find out who your new Supervisor is.

Attend the Hearing

This is the first public hearing with the new Board of Supervisors on a big development proposal. We hope you'll attend and speak up:

Public Hearing on Braddock Village
Monday, February 11, 2008
Starting at 6:30 PM
Braddock Village is #6 on the agenda
County Government Center

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More Information

County Staff Report (pdf)
To access the report, click on Item 06, then you have to download the document. We wish it were easier to link to the staff report, but the new county website doesn't allow us to directly link to documents.

Summary of the Braddock Village Proposal (Word)
Prepared by the Piedmont Environmental Council, with information from the County Staff Report

Comparison of Impacts between 66 and 499 New Houses (Word)
Prepared by the Piedmont Environmental Council, with information from the County Staff Report


Letter from Families for Dulles South

Braddock Village is back again. The Board of Supervisors is holding a public hearing for Braddock Village on Monday, February 11 at 6:30 pm. It is item #6. Please come out and speak against this rezoning.

Braddock Village was one of the original applications included in the Dulles South Transition Area CPAM. That CPAM was defeated in November 2006, but the developer decided to proceed with its application. If this application passes, it will set a precedent and open up the Transition Area for suburban development. The developer is requesting to build 499 units on 145 acres. Currently, only 66 houses are allowed.

  • The previous Planning Commission recommended denial of this proposal.
  • The number of unresolved issues outlined in the County Staff Report is amazing.
    County Staff Report (pdf) To access the report, click on Item 06, then you have to download the document. We wish it were easier to link to the staff report, but the new county website doesn't allow us to directly link to documents.
  • Rezoning this property would only increase the need for more County services (teachers, fire/rescue, sheriff, etc…) and add more cars on our already burdened roads as residents are forced to drive East on Route 50 to go to work.
  • At the Dec 4th Board of Supervisors meeting, the developer presented a new “proffer” consisting of a “use agreement” between the Braddock Village HOA and Dulles South Youth Sports (DSYS). The developer proposed building an artificial turf field and allowing DSYS to use it. This field would be owned by Braddock Village, not Loudoun County.
  • The Braddock Village property is currently being considered for condemnation for 2 school sites (high school and middle school). The developer is proffering a school site and is asking for $12.5 million credit for site (over $400,000 per acre). The school board requires 35 usable acres for a middle school. The developer is proffering only 30 acres – most of it on a sensitive archeological site.
  • There is no justification for this development. There are already over 37,000 houses in the pipeline waiting to be built.

Greenvest has not withdrawn all their rezoning applications. Their largest one, Greenfields, has been listed as inactive. If Braddock Village gets approved, Greenvest will surely come back to haunt us.

Please attend the public hearing. If you cannot attend please email the Board of Supervisors.

Thank you,

Cheryl Hutchison
Aldie Resident

Thank you for your support,

Rebecca Perring, Coalition for Smarter Growth
On behalf of the Campaign for Loudoun's Future


New Loudoun Board of Supervisors

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The Board of Supervisors can be reached by calling their comment line at 703-777-0115 or emailing them at [email protected].

New Board of Supervisors
Term: January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2011

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Email Address

At Large (Chair)

Scott York

[email protected]

Sugarland Run (Vice Chair)

Susan Klimek Buckley

[email protected]

Blue Ridge

Jim Burton

[email protected]

Broad Run

Lori Waters

[email protected]


Sally R. Kurtz

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Stevens Miller

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Kelly Burk

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Andrea McGimsey

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Eugene Delgaudio

[email protected]

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3. If you can't tell by looking at the maps, call the Voter Registration Office at 703-777-0380. They are happy to assist you.

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