Campaign for Loudoun's Future: Promoting Sensible Limits on Future Growth
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Development in Loudoun County.

50,000 Houses all the way to the Blue Ridge?
"If you've ever thought about actively joining the fight for our quality of life, now is the time."

What Do We Want For Loudoun's Future?

Developers are trying to decide for us what will happen in our county.

The development industry poured close to half a million dollars into the 2003 elections for Loudoun Board of Supervisors (more). With the help of some of the supervisors they helped elect, these developers are now seeking to add tens of thousands of new houses to the county.

Such rapid development will add more students to our schools, put more traffic on our roads, and stretch the budget to pay for new sewers, roads, fire and rescue service, police, etc. It would translate into higher taxes and/or fewer services for all residents.

The implications for democratic process are troubling. We, the residents of Loudoun County, have a right to decide our own future. We should decide how our tax-dollars are spent. We shouldn't be expected to pay for more development when our existing communities still have vital needs. Instead, we can demand improvements to our communities, our schools, our roads and our recreational opportunities. Please join us. Tell us what you think.




Public Hearing on Purcellville Growth Plan
Monday, January 30 @ 7 PM
Loudoun Valley High School
340 N. Maple Ave, Purcellville

Public Hearings on Rural Zoning w/ Planning Commission
Thursday, February 9
6:00 -11:00 PM
Loudoun County High School
415 Dry Mill Rd, Leesburg

Saturday, February 11
9 AM - Noon
County Government Center

Loudoun's Rural Economy

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Stand by Our Plan!
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