Campaign for Loudoun's Future: Promoting Sensible Limits on Future Growth
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Why Loudoun's Rural Economy Matters

  •  The farms and open space of Western Loudoun generate net revenue to the county, while residential development costs the county more money in services than it makes from taxes.  By maintaining rural and agricultural lands, the county and its taxpayers save money.
  •  Many of Loudoun's rural businesses would not survive if surrounded by dense, suburban developments.  We supported the original 2003 zoning ordinance that was in place when this Board took office because it gave protection to both businesses and residents in Loudoun's rural areas.

Loudoun's Rural Economy in the news:

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By Amy Gardner, Washington Post, 07/16/06

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Washington Post, 9/8/05

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Washington Post 8/7/2005

Farmers Seeking Lessons in Evolution
Washington Post, 7/21/05

TFI Sues to Overturn Greenvest Rezoning
Leesburg Today, 7/21/05

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Loudoun Connection, 7/20/05




Our Rural Economy

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