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A Snapshot of Loudoun's Rural Economy

Rural Loudoun supports a diverse array of businesses that depend on rural land and resources. Known as the Rural Economy, these businesses have been growing in size and profits.

Loudoun has more than 164,000 acres in actively producing farmland, primarily located in Western Loudoun. Western Loudoun is called the Rural Policy Area for planning purposes, and is 227,904 acres, or 67% of Loudoun's total land. Loudoun's rural economy has been flourishing for over 240 years.

Loudoun's rural businesses include:
Agricultural Processing
    (eg. grain mills)
Farmers Markets
Animal Hospitals
Golf Courses
Antique Shops
Livestock Producers
Art Galleries
Bed & Breakfast/Country Inns
Organic Farms
Christmas Tree Farms
Pick-your-own Farms
Craft Shops
Cross Country Ski Businesses
Roadside Farm Stands
Equestrian Facilities
Subscription Agriculture
Farm machinery sales & repair

Businesses in rural Loudoun are economically linked and interdepedent: for example, farm service companies depend on viable farm customers, and bed and breakfasts and tourist wineries depend on sufficient open space and agricultural landscapes. Increasing, Loudoun's rural economy serves and benefits from farm markets in Eastern Loudoun while also meeting the growing recreational demands of the Washington metro region.

Chapter 7: Rural Policy Area, Loudoun County Revised General Plan, Loudoun County, Virginia; available on the Loudoun County Web site

U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2002 Census of Agriculture: County Profile, Loudoun, Virginia census02/profiles/va/cp51107.PDF

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Our Rural Economy

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