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 Don't Supersize Loudoun!
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Ashburn's Drinking Water and the Transition Area at risk -- again

The developers are pushing for thousands of houses in the Transition Area again -- this time through piecemeal proposals instead of one big CPAM (remember the 34,000 houses?). 

We know what they're doing, and we need to support our leaders in stopping the very first proposal. Send an email to the Board of Supervisors and attend the public hearing on Thursday, February 15, at 6:30 PM.

Why are we so concerned?
The developer, Hobie Mitchell, wants to build 1,946 houses in area that is currently planned for only 63 houses -- that's a 3,000% increase!  This proposal brings up all the issues we've talked about  -- higher taxes, way too much traffic, upzoning the Transition Area -- but this one also threatens Ashburn's drinking water

Protect Ashburn's drinking water

The 1,946 houses in Ridgewater Park would be on land right above the drinking water intake for Ashburn in the Goose Creek resevoir. Right now, only one house per 10 acres is allowed on this environmentally sensitive land. 

County staff told the Planning Commission that our drinking water is at risk, because there is no chance for toxic chemicals, bacteria, and other pollutants to be diluted before they go right into the water intake. (See the webcast from 1/22/07.) Yet the Planning Commission fast-tracked the proposal, recommending it for approval, and sent it to the Board of Supervisors. 

Read more and see pictures about why this development threatens our drinking water.

Protect Loudoun commuters

The Ridgewater Park development, in an area with few jobs and little infrastructure, would add 42,000 daily car trips to the Greenway, Route 7, and local roads in Leesburg and Ashburn. 

Say no to higher taxes

The $70 million in capital costs for Ridgewater Park would mostly be paid by Loudoun taxpayers -- and we would be stuck with all of the operating costs, like teacher salaries.

If the Board of Supervisors continues to upzone land like this, we can expect bond referendums and tax increases for many more years to come.

Protect the Transition Area

Ridgewater Park would set a dangerous precedent for the whole Transition Area. It would pave the way for current proposals by Greenvest, Toll Brothers, and other developers to build over 19,000 houses in the southern part of the Transition Area.

And if the Transition Area goes suburban, it could hold 60,000 to 80,000 houses -- in an area with little infrastructure and almost no jobs.  Just think what Waxpool, Rt. 7, and the Greenway would be like then.  And our taxes will continue to climb. 

Attend and Speak at the Public Hearing

Ridgewater Park CPAM
Final Public Hearing

Thursday, February 15
Starts at 6:30 PM
County Government Center

Also, be sure to
email the Board of Supervisors

Speaker sign up typically begins 30 minutes before the hearing starts. You will have 2-3 minutes to speak.

Tell your friends and neighbors

Please share these two flyers with your friends and neighbors.

Ashburn Citizens United created a flyer to inform Ashburn residents about the risk to our drinking water. It also has great information on countywide impacts.

Information about the risks to our drinking water
Prepared by the Piedmont Environmental Council

Help Spread the Word During Your Commute

Make your time in traffic more productive... Get a free bumper sticker!

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